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Can you move beyond depression?

Video Information

Directed by Jimmy Westerheim Editing by Darta Sturite Directors of Photography: Quang Nguyen, Lucas Harboe, Morten Malerstuen, Moyo Joseph Zozimo Colorist & Sound Mix by Morten Malerstuen


This video is a combination of people who have moved beyond depression and professional insight, that shares how it feels to live with depression and how they managed to deal with it.

In this video you will learn from some of them and Consultant Clinical Psychologist Anne Crawford-Docherty, that shares her insights. Enjoy this unique video about how to deal with depression yourself or as a good friend


Below you can find the links to the free full interviews of the great role models that was part of this video:

Alexandra Algerydh, Coming soon

Meg Zeenat Wamithi, Coming soon

Vincent Michael Augustin,


A special thanks to Anne Crawford-Docherty, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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