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How The New Generation Wins at Mental Health

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The world is moving faster and faster with a constant bombardment of impressions. Creating new mental health challenges for Gen Z. How does this all impact the mental health of us all? What is real and what is not? You have every opportunity to become more than your parents, but yet you don't know where to go. You're looking for purpose but where to start looking. The world feels like a bad soap opera and no-one understands. The gap between generations in terms of experience and felt reality has never been further apart. Challenges never before seen in this scale with social media, information overflow, fake news and existential crises like the environment are hovering over. More importantly how can we face the new challenges and move beyond feeling overwhelmed? This video is a combination of life experiences from youth from around the world and 2 leading experts sharing their reflections on how to grow through the challenges. Learn from others who share their lived experience facing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, identity, loneliness, abuse and bullying. Lets learn from each other's experiences to face our own.


Below you can find the links to the free full interviews of the great role models that was part of this video:

Aarron Walsh

Dumisani Moyo

Georgia May Anta


Nazia Khatun


A special thanks to the professionals Juan C. Martell M.S. and Founder of Psychlife and Fraser Smith Founder of Get Psyched


We also have some podcasts on the topic:


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