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Living with anxiety

Video Information

Directed by Jimmy Westerheim Editing by Darta Sturite Directors of Photography: Quang Nguyen, Lucas Harboe, Morten Malerstuen, Moyo Joseph Zozimo Colorist & Sound Mix by Morten Malerstuen


How is it to live by the mercy of anxiety and fear of the unknown? In this video you will hear from people that has found a way to live with their anxiety, and the Consultant Clinical Psychologist Anne Crawford-Docherty. Together they take you through the different aspects of anxiety, some types, and how you can learn to overcome or live with your anxiety. Imagine if you could overcome that fear of the unknown and find a way to live with your anxiety where you did not live by the mercy of it anymore. This is a good introduction that can help you take steps to overcome your own anxiety and then learn more in their full interviews at the life experience library. There you can find their full stories of how they overcame their anxiety all for free. The Human Aspect has interviewed hundreds of people and many of them struggled with anxiety, that now have found a way to live well with it. Enjoy this unique video about how to deal with your anxiety or as a good friend.


Below you can find the links to the free full interviews of the great role models that was part of this video:

Elin Andersson, coming soon

Vincent Michael Augustin -

Christoffer Erlend Rasch -

Nicholas Matthew Bryant, Coming soon


A special thanks to Anne Crawford-Docherty, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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